Brandy Allred

Position: Administrative AssistantStarted: 2019

Brandy started with us in 2019 and has since grown into the administrator of all of the ISN Accounts we manage.  She is extremely proficient which allows her to stay on top of the monumental task of keeping our customers compliant with ISN requirements.

Ryan Hale

Position: Field Consultant/Trainer

Started: 2019

Ryan recently graduated from UCO with a degree in Industrial Safety.  After interning for Anderson Safety during the summer of 2017 and graduating in May of 2018, he joined our staff full time in February 2019. Ryan is also a Navy veteran.


To help our clients provide safe and compliant workplaces through written programs, employee training, and hazard evaluation.

About Us

We develop safety and health programs for business owners so they can focus on the business of running the business. We will work to improve compliance, educate employees, build a culture of safety, and lower injury rates.

Kelly ikeda

Position: BookkeeperStarted: 2002

Kelly has been the with Anderson Safety almost from the beginning.  As the bookkeeper and administrative assistant she has been vital to our success as a company over the years.

jason bullard, CSHO

Position: Owner

Started: 2009

Mr. Bullard established J & L Ventures, LLC in 2010 along with his business partner Larry Penick to continue the legacy of Anderson Safety. Larry and Jason wanted to continue the commitment to helping small businesses stay safe and compliant.

Tom Fleming, CSHO

Position: Field Consultant/Trainer

Started: 2008

Tom started with Anderson Safety in 2006.  After taking a short leave, he returned in July 2019.  Before joining Anderson Safety, Tom worked as a field supervisor for asbestos management, hazardous chemical removal, and mold abatement for the State of Oklahoma.